The Must-See Places of My State

One of them would defiantly be the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. It is a beautiful structure and the views you have of the ocean, the bay and the city when you are on it are unbelievable. Another one would be Pier 39 because it is full of fun shops and you get to see the seals! I also loved going to Alcatraz. It is mysterious, fascinating and adventurous which are all things that make a great excursion! If you are ever in the Bay Area, check out these places! If you are planning to go to southern California instead, check out these places too. The San Diego Zoo is incredible! By far, the best zoo I have ever been to, it has so many different animals and a fun thing about it is that once you’ve reached the polar bears, there are lifts that fly you over the zoo and bring you back to the entrance! Los Angeles is also a great place to go shopping, maybe see some celebrities and have a great time! If you’re thinking about taking a trip, come to California, you won’t regret it!

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